Part 3: Trex Composite Or Ornamental Iron Fencing?

In our last post we discussed wood privacy fences and PVC, or vinyl, fences. In this post we will discuss ornamental iron and composite Trex fences.

Ornamental Iron Fences Ornamental iron fences combine several favorable fence features, including appearance, security, durability and low maintenance.

The traditional look of an iron fence — the thin, tall bars and multiple rails holding them together — provide the traditional decorative look that can be highlighted with ornate accents.

Those accents can also provide security. The ornamental iron fence bars can be topped with spears or other sharp-edged decorations that make them dangerous to try and climb over. The thin bars and smooth finish also make this fence hard to climb.

While chain link fence can be cut or rolled up, ornamental iron can’t. The space between bars is also thin enough that passing through them is impossible.

The thick, aluminum bars and rails are also impervious to the elements and require little or no maintenance. They can come in a variety of colors and decorative additions can be unique.

While ornamental iron fences are among the oldest type of fences, the newest fence material is a mixture of wood pulp and plastic resins known as composite fencing. Among the best known composite fence lines is Trex.

Composite fences are made using a combination of wood pulp and plastic resins which are blended into a single material. This engineered wood has been used for a decade or more to build decking and other outdoor structures.

Trex composite fencing is stronger than wood or PVC fencing. The rails have an aluminum core which protects against warping or twisting, and the panels snap together to keep each rigid.

Composite wood fences are resistant to insects, rot and decay and require little maintenance other than an occasional washing to avoid mildew.

Composite fencing comes in several colors and is made with a simulated wood grain.

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