How Wood Fences Are Made More Durable

In our last two posts we discussed how galvanized iron wire gives chain link fencing its durability and how vinyl coated chain link adds even more durability.

While both protect the fence from the elements, the wood used in fences (privacy and picket) is also treated to protect it from the elements and extend the life of a wood fence.

This is typically done by pressure treating the lumber, that is using pressure to inject chemical preservatives into the wood.

The chemicals protect against termites and other insects that can weaken the wood as well as from fungus that can cause decay or rot.

That is why pressure-treated lumber if popular for wood fencing, which is exposed to the elements and insects.

After using pressure-treated lumber for most of its 60 years installing fences in the Twin Cities, Midwest Fence developed an innovative pressure treatment used on Western Red Cedar.

The DuraCedarâ„¢ system uses pressure treatment with Durazymeâ„¢, a clear, rot resistant and eco-friendly treatment applied to Canadian old-growth heartwood red cedar.

The outcome is a cedar wood that accept stain readily and doesn’t suffer the typical problems associated with pressure-treated lumber, such as warping, twisting, checking and discoloration.