Gate Hardware

Commonly used hardware on a variety of fence types

Self Closer:
TruClose Gate Hinges have self-closing action, along with dual adjustability for gate weight and closing speed. Super strong engineering polymer and stainless steel construction will ensure rust-resistance of these hinges. The self-lubricating polymer materials used in these hinges mean they are virtually maintenance free.Ideal for swimming pool projects or where self closing gates are desired. May be used on ornamental or PVC fence systems.

Wood Gate Hinge:
Tee hinges for wood gates are available in 8 inch and 12 inch sizes. They are very strong and provide many years of worry-free service.

Wood Gate Latch:
Post mounted self-engaging latch (aka hatchet latch), are ideal for wood gates where ease of use is a necessity. They also provide optimal security and durability.

2-Sided Lockable Latch:
The LokLatch is designed for long life and maintenance free operation. Smooth black finish with excellent corrosion resistance. Keyed lock feature and easy self-latching functionality. Ideal for medium security applications.

PVC Gate Hinge:
Self-closing and adjustable to accommodate for gate weight and closing speed. Strong polymer and stainless steel construction will ensure rust-resistance. These maintenance-free hinges are specifically designed for PVC fence systems.

Chain Link Auto Closer:
Spring Loaded closer for chain link gates. Will allow for gate to open in both directions. Made of aluminum alloy for maintenance free service.

Chain Link Fork Latch:
Standard fork latch for chain link gates. Durable and lockable with pad lock. Simple and affordable.

The Auto-Latch:
Self latching for chain link gates. Will allow gate to swing both ways and can be padlocked from either side. Made from high impact plastic.

The Magna Latch:
Safety gate latch for most gates around swimming pools, homes and other child safety areas. Powered by the latest permanent magnets, these quality latches offer great reliability, safety and child resistance. Key lockable.