Different Kinds Of Chain Link Fence

There are many types of chain link fences to choose from when deciding on the right choice for your personal or commercial property fence and Midwest Fence can help meet all your needs.

A more affordable choice than iron, wood or pvc, chain link fences are a great alternative. A galvanized steel chain link fence is made from woven and interlocking steel wire and is a very stable choice, using posts that are cemented into the ground.

Once a chain link fence is installed properly there is no ongoing maintenance for them and they can be cleaned with soap and water to keep it looking fresh and new.

Chain link fences are good choices for many things. To keep pets safe in your yard, or many people use them to make dog kennels or runs or to use around dog parks. Chain link fences also offer a secure barrier around a home or commercial property. They are available in different heights. It is also a good choice for playgrounds, areas for baseball or basketball, or other sporting activities. Continue reading

Choosing The Best Fence For A Family

When it comes to choosing the best yard fence for your family there are many things that come into consideration and Midwest Fence has all the choices to cover exactly what your family might need.

A chain link fence is an option, and a popular choice for many reasons. More affordable than wood or iron, a chain link fence can feel transparent and can allow the light in for a family that does a lot of gardening. Galvanized steel make these fences durable and strong, and a good choice for the type of climate changes that come in the Midwest area. If installed correctly, the chain link fence is virtually maintenance-free, needing only a hosing off with soap and water.

But some families might want a little more coverage than a chain link fence can offer. Another option is the wood fence — either privacy or wood picket fence. Wood fencing can easily adapt to any shape of a yard and is therefore very versatile. Fence posts are installed in concrete and are very sturdy. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Trex Fencing

The traits that make Trex fencing desirable include durability and low maintenance and also a lasting beauty. Trex fences offer durability and performance that you can’t get from wood and it comes in a variety of color and style choices.

The traits that lead to not using Trex fencing include the cost, some limitations in design and color and installation can be difficult. Composite fences typically come in prefabricated panels in a fixed size and design. Customizing them is difficult and can void a warranty and painting composite materials is tricky.

While those are generally considered the cons, they can also be viewed as a positive because Trex fences require little or no maintenance beyond cleaning with a hose. Continue reading

The Advantages Of A Wrought Iron Fence

While there are disadvantages to a wrought iron fence, including the high cost, maintenance and lack of privacy, the advantage of an ornamental iron fence are traits sought by many homeowners.

The traits that make wrought iron fences desired begin with its appearance. An iron fence running the perimeter of a yard provides an elegant, traditional look to a home.

The wrought iron fence can be as elegant and formal as simple pickets and rails with a basic speared top, or as decorative and ornamental as having patterned rails, intricate pointed tops or curved, decorated elements layered over the iron fence pickets.

In addition to being decorative, the pickets and sharp tops also provide security to an iron fence by making it difficult for anyone to scale. Properly installed ornamental wrought iron fences are also the most sturdy of fence types, making them difficult to tear down or break through. Continue reading

Why Experience Counts In A Twin Cities Fence Contractor

In previous posts we have discussed how to prepare to hire a fence contractor, tips for interviewing them and how to find prospective fence contractors to contact.

In this post we will discuss how important experience and reputation is when hiring a Twin Cities fence contractor.

Customer Testimonial

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A fence is both a financial investment in your property — affecting curb appeal and practical use of your property — as well as a functional and safety extension of your home.

That combination makes the decision an important one for any homeowner.

While there are reputable fence contractors who have been working for only a few years, there are also a bevy of ‘fly by night’ fence contractors who work from a pickup truck and job-to-job.

The third kind is fence contractors who have a long history in a community, building up experience and a reputation that ensures they will stand behind the job.

While there are a handful of long-standing Twin Cities fence contractors, only one has been installing and standing behind fences in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area since 1947 and that is Midwest Fence.

In addition, Midwest Fence has been a family-owned company since its inception, overseen by the same owners as it has grown into the largest residential fence company in Minnesota.

The nearly 70 years of fence installation experience allows Midwest Fence to be licensed, bonded and insures as well as offering an exclusive material and labor warranty on all of its installed fences.

Midwest Fence has nearly 70 years of fence-building experience in the Twin Cities and has an unmatched reputation for quality and integrity. Call 651-451-2222 for a free estimate and consultation.