Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences

Two Rail Ornamental Iron Fences are among the oldest known type of fencing and offer classic style and beauty. The durability is outstanding. Throughout history ornamental iron fences have been built providing security and functionality with some examples still standing after centuries.

Ornamental iron fences can be used in various applications including residential and commercial. Both applications can incorporate a variety of styles and looks for your ornamental iron fence.

There are many advantages to ornamental iron fences. Some styles incorporate finials that are pointed and inhibit attempts to climb the fence adding to security. Another feature of ornamental iron fences is the great strength of ornamental iron making it not only secure but very durable and long-lasting.

A two-rail ornamental iron fence provides excellent sight lines through the fence maintaining security. The two rails refer to the number of horizontal bars — or rails — used in the fence.

Because they are durable, an ornamental iron fence will add curb appeal to your home or business for many years to come.The decorative, black lines of the fence provide a nice contrast to landscaping or a pool. They provide a relatively maintenance free fence, with new alloys avoiding rust and extending the time between painting.

Ornamental iron fences are great for any type of property, from apartment complexes to private homes to commercial space. They enhance the beauty, security and privacy of your home, close off a pool area from young children, keep your pets safe and clearly define your property line.

Ornamental iron fences are environmentally friendly and iron is recyclable. There is also little concern about weather damage as the fencing is among the strongest fence options. Two-rail ornamental iron fences provide perimeter protection and excellent security.

They are pleasing to the eye and can be customized in a variety of ways.

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