Colonial Wood Picket Fences

Colonial Wood Picket Fence

Colonial wood picket fences provide a stylish enclosure to any property, offering protection keeping children and pets enclosed and unwelcome visitors and animals out.

A Colonial wood picket fence has a smooth, rounded point at the top of each picket that gives this fence a classic, traditional look and feel. The distance between pickets is a matter of style.

This style of wood picket fence also calls for rounded, pointed tops to each fence post.

Midwest Fence offers DuraCedar™ posts in Colonial wood picket fences. DuraCedar™ is old-growth Canadian Western Red Cedar pressure-treated with the Durezyme™ process.

The unique process provides the rot-resistance and longevity of pressure treated wood without the warping, twisting, discoloration or buckling typically associated with pressure treating.

While DuraCedar™ retains its appearance and strength longer than wood used in other picket fences, regular maintenance such as painting or staining will extend its life.

Midwest Fence provides a variety of cap options for the wooden fence posts to give each wooden fence a unique appearance. Call 651-451-2222 for more information or to receive a free estimate.

View examples of Colonial wood picket fences installed in Twin Cities yards.