Traditional Wood Picket Fences

Traditional Wood Picket Fence

Traditional wood picket fences provide familiar charm while also offering protection by keeping children and pets enclosed and unwelcome visitors and animals out.

These picket fences can be built with traditional styled topped posts or with another topped post style. The space between pickets is flexible can be determined by the taste of the homeowner. Each picket is topped by a simple, centered point.

Additionally, style of wood picket fence also calls for square, pointed tops to each fence post.

An advantage of wood picket fence to PVC or other material is that is can easily be shaped to fit the contour of your property.

Midwest Fence offers DuraCedar™ posts in Colonial wood picket fences. DuraCedar™ is old-growth Canadian Western Red Cedar pressure-treated with the Durezyme™ process.

The unique process provides the rot-resistance and longevity of pressure treated wood without the warping, twisting, discoloration or buckling typically associated with pressure treating.

While DuraCedar™ retains its appearance and strength longer than wood used in other picket fences, regular maintenance such as painting or staining will extend its life.

Midwest Fence provides a variety of cap options for the wooden fence posts to give each wooden fence a unique appearance. Call 651-451-2222 for more information or to receive a free estimate.

View examples of traditional wood picket fences installed in Twin Cities yards.