Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are among the most classic of American fences and are a popular choice for Minneapolis St. Paul area homeowners because the fence protects your yard from unwanted visitors, including animals, while also offering privacy and a variety of style options.

Wood fencing provides a natural, organic appearance to a property. Because it uses natural materials, no two fences are the same. Each wood fence provides a unique character to a yard.

Wood is also the fencing material most easily shaped and built to suit, providing a nearly endless variety of privacy fence options, including caps on posts, shaped tops and adding decorative extensions such as lattice or ivy to the top of the fence.

Wood privacy fencing is also very adaptable to the contour of a yard, easily shaped to fit the ups and downs of your property. Wooden fence posts are installed in concrete, ensuring they are straight and true.

The wooden fence posts used by Midwest Fence are DuraCedar™, Western Red Cedar wood pressure-treated with Durezyme™, a clear, rot resistant and eco-friendly treatment.

DuraCedar™ fencing offers the rot resistance and longevity benefits of pressure-treated lumber, but does so without the problems typically associated with pressure treating such as warping, twisting, checking and discoloration.

While DuraCedar™ fencing retains its appearance and lasts longer than untreated wood fencing, regular maintenance including painting or staining can extend the life of a DuraCedar privacy fence even further.

In addition, wood fences are a more affordable alternative to a similar PVC vinyl fence.

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