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Different Kinds Of Chain Link Fence

There are many types of chain link fences to choose from when deciding on the right choice for your personal or commercial property fence and Midwest Fence can help meet all your needs.

A more affordable choice than iron, wood or pvc, chain link fences are a great alternative. A galvanized steel chain link fence is made from woven and interlocking steel wire and is a very stable choice, using posts that are cemented into the ground.

Once a chain link fence is installed properly there is no ongoing maintenance for them and they can be cleaned with soap and water to keep it looking fresh and new.

Chain link fences are good choices for many things. To keep pets safe in your yard, or many people use them to make dog kennels or runs or to use around dog parks. Chain link fences also offer a secure barrier around a home or commercial property. They are available in different heights. It is also a good choice for playgrounds, areas for baseball or basketball, or other sporting activities. Continue reading

Pros And Cons Of Chain Link Fencing

In our previous post we discussed the pros and cons of PVC vinyl fencing. In this post we will discuss chain link fencing.

Chain link fencing is certainly the most recognizable type of fencing in the U.S. Common on sports fields and parks, industrial and manufacturing facilities and many homes, chain link is an affordable solution to many problems that require fencing.

It remains a popular fence choice for a variety of reasons. Improvements have been made to chain link fencing over time to improve its durability, quality and appearance. Continue reading

What Is Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fencing?

In our previous post we discussed value of galvanized chain link fencing. In this post we will take a look at vinyl-coated chain link fencing.

Vinyl coated chain link fencing is exactly as it sounds, a chain link fence that is sealed with vinyl. The vinyl coating is usually applied to a galvanized chain link, adding another barrier to the elements which extends the life of a chain link fence even longer.

There is a difference in how the vinyl is put over the chain link. An “extruded” vinyl covering doesn’t provide as strong an adherence to the chain link as an “extruded and bonded” covering.

An extruded vinyl, once cut, can be peeled off the galvanized steel wire while an extruded and bonded vinyl can’t. The latter needs to be sliced off, kind of like peeling an apple. Continue reading

What Is A Galvanized Chain Link Fence?

In a previous post we discussed the pros and cons of chain link versus wood fencing. We touched on the question of durability, noting that galvanized chain link fencing offers longer wear against the elements than does wood fencing.

In this post we will take a look at why.

Virtually all chain link fencing is what’s known as ‘galvanized’ chain link, that is that the steel fencing undergoes a chemical bonding process with zinc that protects it from rusting while adding a durable, scratch-resistant layer to the steel.

Without galvanization, the steel wire in the chain link fence would be fully exposed to moisture and oxygen, creating rust that would corrode the fence. With it, the chain link fence resists rust, extending the life of the fence.

Most often the steel fence wire is galvanized before it is woven together into the familiar chain link fence pattern. The most common method of galvanizing is called “hot-dipped galvanization.” This process submerges the steel wire in melted zinc which creates a chemical reaction that permanently bonds the two metals together. Continue reading

Part 1: What Kind Of Fence Should I Get?

After considering the factors related to what you seek out of a fence installation it is time to look at the various type of fences to see how they fit your need. In this post we’ll take a look at chain link and wood picket fences.

Chain link fencing. This is perhaps the best known and most popular fence type, mainly because of its affordability and ease of installation. The galvanized steel used in today’s chain link fencing makes it extremely durable.

When installed correctly, chain link requires no ongoing maintenance to keep looking new. There are options available to meet differing tastes and to offer privacy.

Chain link can come with a green vinyl or black vinyl coating to meet design tastes. There is also California style chain link fencing which replaces steel fence posts and rails with wood, providing a unique, natural look.

While chain link is transparent, privacy slats can be added to offer some privacy to casual observers. Continue reading