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Pros And Cons Of A Wood Fence

Pros and cons - King style cedar wood privacy fencePros And Cons Of A Wood Fence

Considering building a fence for your yard means evaluating what type of fence you should build and with what material. Among the most popular fencing materials in the Twin Cities is wood. Lets look at the pros and cons of a wood fence.

Selecting wood for a fence means choosing one of the oldest materials used for fencing. Wood allows for a wide variety of styles of fencing for a project, and is also traditionally the material used by do-it-yourselfers.

Similar to any material considered for a building project, wood has pros and cons when used for fencing. We will examine those advantages and disadvantages in this blog post, just as we reviewed the pros and cons of vinyl fencing as well as the advantages and disadvantages of chain link fencing. Continue reading

What Is Pressure Treatment Of Wood In Fences?

In our previous posts we discussed the various types of wood used in fences, including pressure-treated pine, exotic woods, red cedar and redwoods in wood fences.

Manufacturers can use pressure treating of wood to extend its life against rot, termites and other insects that degrade the wood, ideal for a wood fence.

The process uses pressure to inject chemicals into the wood that preserve it. The process can be used to inject many types of chemicals and other materials into the wood.

Pressure-treated wood is used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Railroad ties, guardrail posts alongside roadways and timbers for marine use are treated with creosote. Continue reading

Part 1: What Kind Of Fence Should I Get?

After considering the factors related to what you seek out of a fence installation it is time to look at the various type of fences to see how they fit your need. In this post we’ll take a look at chain link and wood picket fences.

Chain link fencing. This is perhaps the best known and most popular fence type, mainly because of its affordability and ease of installation. The galvanized steel used in today’s chain link fencing makes it extremely durable.

When installed correctly, chain link requires no ongoing maintenance to keep looking new. There are options available to meet differing tastes and to offer privacy.

Chain link can come with a green vinyl or black vinyl coating to meet design tastes. There is also California style chain link fencing which replaces steel fence posts and rails with wood, providing a unique, natural look.

While chain link is transparent, privacy slats can be added to offer some privacy to casual observers. Continue reading