Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fencing combines the transparency of chain link fencing with the styling and natural appearance of wood fences.

Wood picket fences can be built in a wide variety of styles, with various distances between the pickets to allow for a breeze and relatively clear sightlines through the fence.

Wood is material most easily shaped and cut into the style of fence preferred. This provides a wide variety of picket fence options to homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are a variety of shapes that can be at the top of the pickets.

Other fence options include putting different caps on posts, alternating widths of the pickets or customizing the space between pickets in a fence. There are even picket fences that are flat on the top, fitting into a rail between posts.

Wood fencing is also easily adaptable to the shape of a property. Fence posts are installed in concrete, making them sturdy and straight even on contoured property.

Midwest Fence offers DuraCedar™ posts in its wood picket fence options. DuraCedar™ is old-growth Canadian Western Red Cedar pressure-treated with the Durezyme™ process.

The unique process provides the rot-resistance and longevity of pressure treated wood without the warping, twisting, discoloration or buckling typically associated with pressure treating.

While DuraCedar™ retains its appearance and strength longer than wood used in other picket fences, regular maintenance such as painting or staining will extend its life.

In addition, wood fences are a more affordable alternative to a similar PVC vinyl fence.

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